The business philosophy, as being

applied in our daily tasks,

influences, to a large extent,

the definition of our enterprise's


Our development is to be viewed in direct

correlation with the development of our clients. It is,

therefore, our mission to create higher standards

and evolve through our solutions.


Gecko Solutions was founded in July 2010, with a mission to provide successful software development solutions, while keeping up with world's trends in IT industry.

Our main business activity is Software Engineering, with the development of integrated solutions, from design to maintenance, including solutions for hardware infrastructure as well. We have also developed a certain number of special services, such as Digital Marketing and Network Solutions, which very often become an integral part of the finished product.

Our team consists of skilled professionals and they are the foundation of our company. They determine the character of the company, its philosophy and its value. They are motivated and focused on achieving the goals set in front of them.

We're working on three continents, in twelve different countries.

Flexibility: We do IT differently.

We achieve our goals through a variety of successful strategies, aiming to adapt our approaches to the actual needs of every client and specificity of the particular project.

Collaboration: We do IT together.

Our team is provided with all necessary skills and we are achieving our goals through cooperation and exchange of knowledge and experience, making a simultaneously true partnership with our clients.Collaboration is an essential part of the way we do the business.

Client-centricity: We listen to clients needs and understand IT.

Client communication is one of the milestones of our work and client’s satisfaction and success of their products is what pushes us forward.


We have gathered a team of experts in software engineering, engineers in a field of tracking fast moving objects, marketing, and sports professionals and enthusiasts, all that in order to introduce worldwide audience with an app that will change a way of training and gameplay of table tennis worldwide.
Our task wasn’t as simple as it looks at a first sight. We spent many hours, dedicated to problem-solving in different areas: from ball tracking to synchronization of high-speed cameras. 
The first problem that we came across was the technological barrier, but our engineers managed to synchronize high-speed cameras to trigger at the same time. That gave us a base for a desktop application that measures ball speed and spin and analyses data of a table tennis match.
The second challenge was to test that by professional players. Our friends from table tennis club Mladost - and especially former European table tennis champion Aleksandar Karakašević gave us a full assistance on the project and provided us with professional table tennis player's insight. 
With a lot of knowledge, enthusiasm, hard work, and a little bit of luck we are ready to put our app on Play Store and iTunes, for free and for your enjoyment.

A reward for this hard work was a Grant from Catch Pitch Challenge 2016 programme, organized by Foundcenter Investment, Germany. This was the first investor-related event in Serbia which gathered the top European experts, investors, and most promising worldwide startups. 

This is what made our Pongio App!

Take a look at the list of winners of Catch Pitch Challenge 2016

Serbian Business Registers Agency Information


Date of establishment: 27.07.2010.

PIB: 106716112

Registration number: 20666382