Content management system

Almost every company has a need for treating some type of a digital content. Regardless of whether it is about confidential documents, pictures, movies, phone numbers or scientific data there is no doubt that creative insight and structuring of data can help to control the content more efficiently and with less effort.
Content Management System (CMS) is a solution that provides a collection of procedures used to manage the data flow and data processing in shared environment. An effective CMS allows, only for the intended people, to make an easy, safe and fast way to access the information they need.
Our experts in this field are here to understand your processes and identify your business needs and thus suggest the best possible solution.


Alfresco is the leading content management system which has been built by the team of experienced experts in the industry, coming from the companies like Documentum, Vignette and Interwoven. Alfresco provides an integrated solution for document management, web content management, collaboration, information storage, content interoperability services (CMIS) and records management.
With the help of Alfresco and our team reduce your costs and simplify the complexity of your organization. Create strategies and methods that will be used throughout the life cycle of documents from their creation, processing and archiving according to the processes within your organization.


Drupal is a flexible, powerful and robust content management system, constantly improved by hundreds of thousands of passionate people from around the world. It is used by some of the biggest sites on the Internet such as MTV Europe, The Economist, Examiner and the White House and can be used to build everything from personal blogs to business applications. Drupal provides complete control over the URL structure of your content and this places it as one of the best CMS content for search engines (SEO).
Its simplicity and thousands of add-on modules allow us to create any site that you can imagine.