Mobile development

Our mobility solutions enable users to exploit the full potential of their mobile devices. Depending on the user's needs we suggest different approaches and technologies in development of mobile applications alone, web or native, given the user’s experience itself and the ease of use. Whether the mobile application is an adaptation of your existing services for mobile devices or development of a completely new product an easy navigation is always important. The same stands for user interface tailored to the target group, as well as smooth operation of application in all conditions of the network. Bearing this in mind, we create, design and make mobile applications, so that they can respond to your needs and deliver rapid return on investment.


Android as a mobile platform has a natural integration with Google products, and as such is currently the main competitor to iOS platform. Diversity of devices, operating systems and screens offer a wide variety for users, and on the other side this present the crucial challenge for application development. Whether it's Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean your applications can work equally well on all platforms.


Mobile web applications can use only a limited range of a mobile device's functionality such as geo location or orientation. Features such as cameras or accelerometers are not always accessible to web applications, in addition to that native applications are faster, easier to navigate and offer far more enjoyable user experience. Experience the best multi-touch applications, and smooth animation with our native iOS solutions on your iPhone and iPad devices.


Mobile web applications offer an attractive option for companies that want to provide their services on mobile devices but do not want to invest in building native applications for a wide range of diverse mobile platforms.
Based on your requirements we analyze and make web applications compatible to run on a variety of mobile phones and tablet devices, adapted not only to the device, but also to the operating system of the mobile device itself.