Our way
Our team consists of professionals with over 10 years of experience in software development. Through the experience gained we have built our approach to dealing with the challenges of managing projects by combining segments from Agile, Lean and Unified Process methodologies.
Best practices from different development methodologies;
Fast iterative cycles and usable product already in the early iterations;
Dealing with risks in the initial stages of the development cycle;
Planning and documenting project activities with the use of appropriate tools for tracking projects;
Involving customers in all development activities from the first day of the project.

All our projects begin primarily through communicating with clients where by asking the right questions we draw conclusions and propose appropriate solutions and platforms. To ensure that we understand the client’s needs we proceed with the following steps:
- Formulation of the requirement;
- Planning the activities and development strategy;
- Choosing the architecture and the platform;
- Proposing the budget;
- Testing;
- Product’s use analytics;
- Marketing and positioning of your product.

The top priority for any project manager, as well as for our clients, is taking a good care of the overall progress and current status of the project activities. This is achieved by using adequate tools for projects monitoring.