UX design
UX design aims to create an ideal link between the software and the people who use it by making the software as easy to understand and enjoyable to use. The emphasis is not only on the appearance but also on the functionality of applications. UX design is a key factor in the development of digital products today.
We believe that the satisfaction comes not only from the business logic, but also on how the product interacts with the user. Thus, we use the best practices of the industry in designing applications. Special attention is paid to the small details that make the atmosphere even better. We have helped clients from various industries to achieve better interaction with their users. Good user experience requires constant iteration relying on the interactions observation and collecting the users’ feedback connections. By designing a great UX, your customers will love your product!
Our approach is divided into the following phases:
Content - identifying and analyzing the needs of the targets;
Information architecture - organizing information into meaningful units highlighting the essential components;
Visual design - sketching, interactive and visual design;
Development - design implementation from pixel to code;
Testing - testing of prototypes;
Commissioning – commissioning of the finished product;
Monitoring - data observation and users’ metrics.