Improve your basic table tennis skills
and become top hitter.

We proudly present Pongio, our first interactive tool for table tennis. Our new application uses computer vision to help table tennis players achieve better results.
There are more than 300 million players around the world and Pongio is here to give them completely new insight in their game.

With Pongio, you will discover new view to table tennis game. Your perception will be sharpened and your senses will improve.
You can track your improvement and view Pong 10 list of best results on our portal. Or, why not, become one of the top ten players?

Pongio mobile application (Android and iOS) uses mobile devices to measure and track the speed of a table tennis ball. Our algorithm uses camera recording at 720p and reads ball trajectory, frame by frame. It recognizes table and ball diameter, as well as environment parameters and objects. Users can record games and analyze different statistics details of their game, such as: Measure serve speed, Track ball trajectory.

Save time, money
and be eco-friendly!

Optimize routes and balance both profitability and customer requirements. Using advanced industry algorithms and custom routing passes, you can create multiple intelligent route plans for maximum efficiency of your fleet.
This platform consists of several subsystems (components), which interact with each other through a common communication mechanism. 
Some of the features:
- Native mobile app for drivers
- Info about delivery
- Multiple routing algorithms for calculating best route
- Fleet management

Ancient Chinese game transformed
to innovative digital platform pad.

Ancient Chinese origin game, better known as SMALL/BIG. Gameplay involves placing bets on certain areas of the table, after which dices are rolled. Based on dice numbers, player winnings are calculated.
Sic Bo is developed on Grails framework which is based on Java platform, and it’s coded in Groovy program language

Our system offers exciting features such as:
- Virtual/Real game mode ( real dice blower)
- Watch live dice roll on player screen via live video stream
- Multiple TV screens for tracking game progress

Extra features:
- Progressive Jackpot system
- Fast betting option
- Bonus games
- Results review of previous games