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AAA Creditworthiness For Gecko 2017

Bisnode AAA Certification
Published on February 26, 2018 in
AAA Certification

Dear Partners, Associates and Coworkers, we are very happy to announce that our company has been awarded an AAA Creditworthiness rating, one of the most prestigious certificates in Europe.

Creditworthiness rating is based on the financial statements for the last three fiscal years and it forecasts the safety of operations in the next financial year.

According to the analyzes, businesses with a credit rating of AAA's excellence have 82% probability that they will maintain the same credit excellence in the next year.

This is, once again, a proof of the long-term excellence of our business, assuring our clients in their decision to choose Gecko Solutions as their partner. With this achievement, Gecko Solutions stands in with a group of top rated companies in Serbia.

Sincerely yours, Gecko Solutions Team