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Digital Signature

Give your documents and files a sign of your identity. Be more efficient with this safe & simple tool! Compatible with most leading server platforms (OS, Application Servers, DBMS) the SPI Security Server features the following main components:

  • A powerful, user-friendly Web administration console 
  • SOAP APIs in Web service mode for signature validation operations and creation, storage and consultation of proof elements
  • Standard built-in connectors for automated exchange with other trusted third-party services, such as timestamps (internal or external), archives or Certification Authorities

The SPI digital signature service provides advanced features for online verification of certificates and signatures. It includes also server-side automatic signature generation.

The SPI proof and security service enable proof elements to be generated, stored and retrieved for consultation. Elements of proof and traceability comprise the original documents, their digital digests (hashes), timestamps and signatures. These elements are verified and then added to the SPI proof record file during phases of the proof cycle that are defined by the business application.