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Quality and Information Security Policy

Taking into account internal and external factors in which it operates (context), purpose existence (mission) and strategic orientation (vision) of Gecko Solutions, continuous improvement quality and safety of information of our products and services is a permanent commitment of all employees, which is achieved:

  • Developing software solutions by providing services in the field of software engineering, design and maintenance of network systems in accordance with requirements, needs and expectations of users and other stakeholders, including legal regulations.
  • Applying a process approach in managing all resources and activities and managing a system of interconnected processes.
  • By identifying the risks and opportunities in your business, by planning the measures that are taken address risks and opportunities by integrating these measures into all business processes and their evaluation.
  • Application of measures for the protection of information security, ensuring continuity business and the prevention of accidental or deliberate outbursts of information.
  • The obligation of top management of Gecko Solutions to create and maintain working atmosphere stimulates employees to fully and actively participate in the achievement of the business objectives of Gecko Solutions.
  • Permanent and planned education, training and motivation of employees, in the goal efficient and quality execution of existing and new jobs.
  • Making business and other decisions based on data analysis and information.
  • By constant improvement of all our processes and continuous monitoring of satisfaction our customers and customers.
  • Continuous improvement of relations and developing partnership with the interested parties to the parties, which contributes to the optimal satisfaction of mutual interests.

The policy of quality and security of information is periodically reviewed and changed when it is necessary. Depending on the need, the quality and information security policy is available to interested parties.

Belgrade, Jun 2017
Saša Atanasković