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Team as a Service model


In a shortage of your consistent business target, or an unrealistic schedule/tight planning, or maybe technical complexity/missing skills our TAAS model is a solution that can carry out your business on a high level.

In today’s fast-moving global marketspace Team as a Service is an approach that allows you to fulfill skill sets you don’t currently have in-house, without the expense of new permanent hires.

With TAAS model you get our remote team of experts to support with specific work domain and to accomplish goal set with your team directly. Unlike when you outsource to an external vendor, the TAAS model gives you offsite manager to handle recruiting, have the final say over what team structure and qualifications are needed in fulfilment of responsibilities and skills. Ensure that an agreed communication is going as planned, help with all dependencies and proper timetable for their resolution but also to monitor progress and report on it.

Our Teams use latest technologies and tools to provide project insight and documentation but also to track project progress. Through this model we offer our experienced teams consisting of software architects, software developers, PM’s, BA’s, mobile, U/X designers and QA’s using reliable Agile development methodologies.

Here are listed some of advantages from our TAAS model service:

  • No need to hire internal resources
  • Domain expertise and technical experience available immediately
  • Immediate start, seamless onboarding
  • Cost reduction and cost control
  • Usage of latest technologies in Software Development cycle
  • Seamless and flexible integration into your team
  • Efficient cooperation and trustworthy communication

Our Team covers the hole usage of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools which is broader than Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). You will get support from our team over the entire process from gathering functional and non-functional requirements, high quality designs, scalable solutions, quality testing, delivery of web and mobile solutions. In addition, we are ISO certified.

Our TAAS team can help your business or your startup grow and expand quicker, with spending less time on team management and becoming more efficient in implementation.

TAAS model approach ensures that control remain with the client demands and in safety of experts from Gecko team.