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Gecko At AppsWorld 2016

AppsWorld - Berlin
Published on May 12, 2016 in

For the promotion and development of an IT Company, as well as staying in touch with current trends, extremely important are visits to international conferences. In order to introduce ourselves to the latest trends in the world of mobile technology, our team, for the second time in a row, had visited one of the most prominent conferences in this area, AppsWorld Berlin 2016.

The two-day conference held on 20th and 21st  April 2016, the City Cube in Berlin, covered the following topics: Gaming World, Enterprise Mobility, Multi-platform Developer World, Wearables, Mobile Marketing & Strategy, Emerging Payments, HTML5 & Mobile Web, and CyberSecurity.

The greatest attention of the visitors, on the first day, was attracted by David Shing. He presented the unusual ways to improve startups. He presented steps that are essential from the start-up to the placement of applications on market. A few more lecturers have spoken about the marketing of products and applications, and how to attract users. The question was how to better understand users, what is it, that will draw their attention, and how to distinguish among many similar applications. A special privilege was the presentation of one of the living legends – Ian Livingston, currently at the position of CEO's in Eidos, otherwise one of the founders of the Games Workshops in the seventies.

On the second day of the conference, a lot of attention was attracted by presentations related to Virtual and Augmented Reality at the Gaming World stand. Different ways to apply this new technology from this area were presented. There was a discussion about the limitations that we can meet if we make a game that supports virtual reality. If the device is put over our eyes, we could run into various problems. One of the possible problems is that users cannot respond to emergency situations (e.g. Not be timely to see the fire that is in their environment). Engineers, who have spoken about this topic, have presented a product, which uses projectors instead of the device. Virtual reality is projected on the environment. The users, in this case, need to be in the special rooms.

At the conference, there were representatives of companies that presented their products, which can facilitate development in certain areas. Zebra Technologies has introduced its product - to scan the barcode for the Android platform. They talked about functionalities and security offered by their library, as well as about whether Android is ready to be used in the industry. The company Nano-Cosmos presented a live-streaming platform for the broadcasting of video on various platforms. A lot of attention was dedicated to IoT primarily in the area of connected cars.

Mobile technologies have recently become increasingly important, and mobile devices have become an integral part of our lives. One speaker noted that the world has more mobile phones than toothbrushes, which shows what our priorities to these devices are, and how they have become essential for the modern man.