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Gecko At Geecon 2015

Gecko At Geecon - Prague
Published on December 12, 2015 in

In the beautiful city of Prague, on October 22nd and 23rd, Geecon conference was held for over 600 participants, with over 50 speakers and 60 sessions held in four conference halls. Since Java Enterprise solutions are one of the main areas of development for Gecko, we couldn’t miss the chance to visit Geecon again.

One of many interesting lectures was “How to handle a large number of events” by Krzysztof Dębaski. Mr Debaski was talking about KAFKA as “A high-throughput distributed messaging system.” He also mentioned “Hermes” as an asynchronous message broker built on top of Kafka. Together those two are good “team” to safely handle many events.

Lukáš Křečan explained how dangerous using “stream.parallel()” can be and how easily you can “shoot your own leg”. He used “AK-47” for a very interesting metaphor - strong and powerful but really dangerous.

Presentation of “Microservice” by Marcin Grzejszczak was interesting because he presented a nice example of how microservices can be used on an easy example called “process of creating a beer”. On the other hand, we have also learned about the concept of modular monoliths and about the dangers of building microservices. Obviously, there are many points of view about microservices. How to know when to stop splitting features into microservices?

One of the current problems of developing Java enterprise solutions is setting up your environment before making some contribution. Radek Simko shared with us his point of view on how to make setting up infrastructure as harmless as possible for developers.

Test-driven development is a trend that is slowly conquering the world of Java Enterprise solutions. At Geecon, we have heard quite a few ideas about how to organize layers of Test Automation Pyramid – both horizontally and vertically.

One more interesting topic was the mindset and general principles that we should strive for. Which common tricks and practices are actually good? Kevlin Henney shared with us his thoughts during his very interesting presentation. 

Bas Knopper took us away from microservices, tests and solving common problems, to the exciting world of Evolutionary Algorithms. How to teach 22 dots to play football? How to find the best solution, when we don’t even know if there is one?

Create a Java EE application for managing a bookstore and run it on a server. Do it in five minutes. Seems impossible? Well, then you don’t know the power of JBoss Forge. Antonio Goncalves did it in 4 minutes and 53 seconds

Once again, Geecon proved to be worth to visit again, always providing new experience, knowledge and points of view at principles of Java development. After Geecon “moved the Java world”, Java development will never be the same!