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Pongio Beta Release

Pongio App is online on Google Play Store & App Store!
Published on November 03, 2017 in

Dear friends, business partners and the table tennis fans from around the globe, Gecko has launched Beta version of Pongio app – our first table tennis assistant has finally hit the App Store and Google Play Store!

Once again a quick reminder what Pongio app is about:

  • Track your hit speed during the practice or table tennis match
  • Record video and analyze data
  • Upload your video on Pongio Portal
  • Have fun and improve your table tennis skills

Currently, we are in beta test phase so please be patient with any possible bugs or crashes! Our hardworking Pongio team will react instantly for removing of any possible issues, so you can relax and enjoy your table tennis practice.

We are constantly working on the new features, as our App will be the true leader in table tennis world.